Guilt and a recipette

If and when Spider learns to read I shall give up this blog as he will start to know slightly too much about what motivates me  (and no doubt many other parents) should he ever stumble across these pages.

I have been very grumpy of late and not spending enough time with him, in fact have been jumping at the chance to let him stick his “Walking with Dinosaurs” videos on.

On sunday I made pancakes (american) for breakfast. This indicates a sense of guilt on my part and an attempt to make up for it.  We had no maple syrup, (but then I don’t think the Gingerbread pancakes need much really) so I made a storecupboard sauce out of cloudy honey blitzed in the microwave with some orange juice.

I then went on to make the Marmalade cake which I’d been threatening to make for ages plus the bean soup I mentioned a few posts ago, using fennel instead of tarragon, as that’s what I had to hand – the cake went down well. Comment from Spider “well I’d call it gorgeous” – he’s such a smoothy, he knows how to charm a grumpy and unresponsive Mummy round to his way of thinking !


The honey cake that wasn’t…

I am informed, by the cake eaters in this house that it is the jewish new year about now, Rosh Hashana. As I have been known in the past to use the excuse of other people’s feast days to cook, I took this as meaning “Mummy, please can you bake something”. Said cake eaters also advised that THE cake for Rosh Hashana is a honey cake. Now I have a lovely recipe from Tessa Kiros “Apples for Jam” for honey cake but I wasn’t sure it was the right sort of cake, so after a bit of research I decided on Macy Goldman’s majestic and moist honey cake

. However for this I was missing one vital ingredient…

Last week, I had a cold and sore throat and bought a new jar of honey to go with the lemons I always seem to have in the kitchen. Unfortunately I forgot to tell my husband that it was in the shopping bag, and it managed to slip from the kitchen counter and on to the floor… honey and glass is NOT a nice or easy mixture to clear up off the floor.

So I did the honey cake from Nigella Lawson’s “Feast” instead, which is remarkable for its complete lack of honey, substituting a light muscavardo for soft brown sugar, a mixture of cloves,

cinnamon and nutmeg for the allspice and accidently using baking powder instead of bicarbonate… I also halved the mixture as Nigella always seems to cook for legions, and I cook for a teenager and a toddler and the occasional visitor.

It didn’t sink as I’d expected and as advised by Nigella, I put this down to my mistake with the bicarb, it wasn’t, as stated a bit moist in the middle… my husband, who is the only one who has tried it so far said “the problem is, its too good, I mean your sponge is too light, it needs to be heavier and stickier” – so next year I guess I do the majestic and moist one, and find an excuse during the year to try Tessa Kiros’ version.

Postscript: Came home today to find half the cake missing, husband and toddler had decided it was nice, so there’s a vote of confidence then !