The Oscar speech

I have not been very well of late. I have had cold after cold and instead of taking a reasonable time off work to recover I’ve just tried to push on with things.  As a result I have been feeling very run down and tired and not achieving much outside of work hours.

Originally, when we first decided to have a party for Spider and Flapjack Princess I was going to work my way through various bits of Frostbite: Susan Austin, cook in advance and freeze until needed. But as a result partly of my lack of energy and partly due to a severe lack of cash this didn’t happen. With a week to go until the party my freezer was empty and I was down with yet another cold.

However a quick rewrite of the intended menu and some furious baking by my Mum meant that catering by me was cut down to an evenings cake making and a morning cake decorating (see previous post) and bulk sandwich making.

So for the record, because I know that from time to time they do drift into this small corner of the internet some times I would just like to say, “Thanks Mum ! You’re Fab…” and Spider thinks so too… I would also like to say thank you thank you thank you to my sister in law Islay and also to my brother who not only came up for the party but when it was over just pitched right in with the tidying up…so thank you to my family, to Husband, to Flapjack Queen and of course to Spider for being, just wonderful…thank you to all of you who made it just a really enjoyable day.