Recipe: Radio Times Pear Tart

When I was younger and with a lot less on my mind, I was more organised (cue hollow laughter from my Mum and Islay (sister in law)). I used to keep a recipe book where I would write down or more often stick down recipes that I’d found in magazines – the rule was that it didn’t go in the book unless I’d cooked it and liked it…as I got older the number of recipes around increased at a much faster rate than my cooking and then I also discovered recipe books.

Anyway this recipe is right at the front of the book and has been made on numerous occasions but won’t be this month as it would appear I am right at the end of the Pear season – never mind plenty of other things I can make, come friday when there is flour in the house again – think I’d better start buying in bulk.


10oz Shortcrust Pastry

1.5lb Pears

Juice of a lemon

8oz carton whipping cream

2 eggs plus 1 egg yolk

3oz caster sugar

1. Preheat oven to 200 deg c(400 deg F or Gas 6)

2. Roll pastry out and line a 9-10 inch flan tin with it. Prick the base and bake blind in the oven  for about 12 minutes

3. Peel, core, slice pears.  Layer pears neatly on the pastry. Sprinkle with lemon juice

4. Mix cream with the eggs and sugar. Pourthe mixture over the pears in the flan tin

5. Turn the oven down to 190 deg c (375F or gas mark 5). Put tart back in the oven for 20-25 minutes until cream is just set.

6. Cool for 10 minutes and serve…or allow to cool completly and serve…

If I ever put a photo up with this post you can assume that I finally found some pears in season… I have done it with tinned pears before but I suspect this is cheating…

The midget fidget and the bacon and apple pie

The midget fidget is Spider, he just does not know how to be still. Shropshire Fidget Pie on the other hand is a potato and bacon mixture covered in suet pastry as demonstrated on the Victorian Farm (BBC 2) the other night.

I am getting addicted to this programme. I started watching it initially as background for family history as some of Husband’s ancestors we were surprised to discover came from Shropshire…obviously hiked down the A5 when times were bad, but before that were miners and agricultural workers from some of the nice little villages that are now buried by Telford.

I must admit that I am having to fight the strong desire to turn the back garden into a smallholding a la Tom And Barbara Good – those piglets look so cute…fortunately they don’t stay cute otherwise I could see problems ahead when having to er, make use of them when they are older !

Anyway this Fidget Pie looks like a good budget recipe. They made it with a suet pastry but since our suet is a bit suspect I’ve just made a simple short crust pastry. I had to buy some more bacon as we only had 2 rashes which I suspect would not be enough but I did have a cooking apple in the fridge and some cider we brought in for the Fairy Goth Mother at Christmas which didn’t get used. I had to search the internet though for cooking times for a conventional oven. A recipe for Shropshire Fidget Pie is here

Pie sitting on the side waiting to be cooked either on sunday or on monday depending on what we are doing tomorrow.