What a nice way to end a day…

I cam home to discover that our wonderful  post lady had delivered a shoebox full of gorgeousness from the lovely Emma in Aberdeen including some fantastic fudge which is mine all mine as it has nuts in which the boys in this house won’t eat as they are unadventurous – and they were pistachios which are my favourite…I say were as there is no longer any left as I have eaten it all as I fruitlessly search the internet for a Laura Ashley teacup to replace the one belonging to our neighbour that one of our cats managed to break this afternoon – that is not a good way to finish an afternoon…Emma’s parcel is…so back to Emma

Not the best of photographs as my camera is playing up but hopefully you can see this box of happiness that I came home to.

shoebox of happiness

shoebox of happiness

I have, sorry had a lovely bar of chocolate fudge (yes I had forgotten when I decided not to bake that sweets travel very well), Assam Tea, Roobos Chai, red and green icing colouring and some pink and blue lustre powder, which I have been wanting to play with for awhile, especially now I have discovered pre-made icing, some bamboo yarn and a lovely additional surprise of Lush Christmas Cake Soap which Spider has subsequently walked off with, working hard to persuade him not to eat it…

Thank You, thank you thank you Emma…

Finished !

I really struggled to be creative for this tea swap.  Mrs Lacer (Lacer’s Life) came up with 2 great suggestions – one I loved but knew I didn’t have the right skills for (felt/embroidered tea bag) and the other was a possibility (decorating a tea caddy) but I was not confident enough.

My Mum suggested “Teabag” folding” and even had a book I could borrow but again, despite and intermittent addiction to origami I didn’t feel confident enough as the folding here is really small and has to be spot on accurate…may try it later though as I have lots of card blanks.

In the end I stuck with my comfort zone and got the needles out – but not a teacosy… I found a pattern for a “Fiesta Tea Set”. Its made of cotton and knitted on 4 needles and then stiffened slightly (I used hair spray).

Not totally happy with the finished objects as the cotton was really splitty – but at least its not a tea cosy !

What can you use it for ? Well it can sit and gather dust, or you can use it for storing bits and bobs on your dressing table or alternatively if you have kids it makes a change from the ubiquitous ELC teaset !  Anyway I hope Emma likes it, and the tea…

Time for tea swap: What was I thinking ?

Contents of the make and do drawer

Contents of the make and do drawer

I got carried away the other day and signed up for a tea and craft swap. What was I thinking ? I don’t do craft type things, I bake…outside of the kitchen I can’t make anything to save my life.

I know what it is, I was lead astray by the thought of tea…I am a complete tea addict – it wasn’t always this way, I used to be addicted to coffee, so much so that when we went round europe on a train aged 18 I took a jar of nescafe with me just in case…in Yugoslavia I fell off a train and was concussed, my friends were worried as at least 5 times in the 4 hours afterwards I got up and checked my rucksac saying “thank god the coffee survived” – girl with priorities me.

But now I am definitely a tea addict. I have been known when visiting friends to walk into their kitchens and put the kettle on if I think they are being a little slow on the refreshments front…OK its just KT Cupcake and Flapjack Queen where I do this, and they are almost “family” anyway…

So here I am, with 9 days to go. I have the tea bought to swap. I have my  “item to be used by swapee in crafting” ready to send, but I have no “tea related object  made by swappor ” to send…and I can’t send cake as it probably won’t travel well, besides I may have to swap early if we do go away at any stage next week.

I must have been mad. I must have been lead astray by my tea addiction – that’s it, the balance of my mind was disturbed…but Vonnie’s website is so nice. Vonnie’s nice…I could do this, couldn’t I ? Thank god I am on leave for most of the next week…now what can I make that isn’t a tea cosy ?