Whose Appetite ?

I started these pages as a way of keeping my mind off the dire state of my finances, baking to beat the budgetary blues. The original intention was to try and start a cake making business as a way of raising some much needed cash. What actually happened was I returned to work full time resulting in less time to cook, but also less need to find additional income.

I shall continue to whibble on periodically about cakes, but have also given myself permission to discuss some of the things I try to do with my cooking, namely cooking seasonally, buying locally and avoiding waste… there may even be the occasional post about the mythical Allotment that Flapjack Queen and I have been trying to get for the last 18 months.

I will try and post links to recipes where they are already available on the internet or provide brief versions on the site. If you want more details then please feel free to email me at currantbun@appetiteforcake.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Whose Appetite ?

  1. Lovely recipes. I’ve pointed my chef at them. Unfortunately for his audience i.e. me has a more of a savoury preference (just a sweet disposition!) but then that leaves more for him to eat.

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