What I don’t want for christmas…

London again today. Popped into the House of Fraser before heading home. My big boss (the grand fromage ?) had some money off vouchers for HoF which he didn’t want and I was a more than grateful recipient. I had a vague idea of perhaps getting a new handbag – I think it may be time to smarten up my act a bit and take a slightly more professional attitude towards things, be a bit less Slummy Mummy…was a little bit embarrassed yesterday when visiting a firm of solicitors when I realised I’d turned up for a meeting with all my papers just stuffed into a Sainsbury’s hemp bag !

But, as anyone who has known me for longer than 3 years will tell you, my laid back approach to my appearance pre-dates motherhood by many years. I remember one year my school mates gave me a selection of plastic bags as a Christmas present as a comment on the fact that my school files were carried around in carrier bags as I never seemed to have a proper school bag – mind you that was probably one of the most useful presents I’ve ever had, lasted me well into university years !

But to get back to House of Fraser. I was happily browsing in the homewear section when I came across an electric pizza oven. Yes, for just under £50 you can have an electric pizza stone which not only will cook your pizza base almost as crisp as a restaurant, but you can also use it for making omlettes and heating pastys…

I am doing home made pizza this weekend with the Teenager. We acquired a pizza stone the other week following a suggestion from one of the Jamie Oliver books (Jamie at home I think) which suggested that any slab of granite would do. I’m trying out a 50cm x50cm floor tile which Husband picked up from a skip a few months ago – so can I spend the £50 I’ve just saved on a new handbag/briefcase or do I have to donate it to the “pay off the credit card fund” ?

Was planning on making more Brownies tonight but tomorrow’s meeting has been changed into a site visit, which means I won’t be seeing the future owners of the Brownies until monday and I don’t think they will last the weekend if I do them now

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